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Saponificio Artigianale Fiorentino Yellow Lemon Soap Set 3 X 4.40 Oz. From Italy. The art of handcrafted, natural and 100% vegetable based, produced by an Italian manufacturer that goes on keeping the traditions of this Italian art. Saponificio Artigianale Fiorentino soaps are without chemical detergents, perfectly respecting the environment and your health, with a product of the finest quality that truly is an art. $20.00


Lorcos Lavender 2 X 8.8 Oz. Soap Set From France. These soap bars are wonderfully fragranced with a French lavender scent with an embossed Lavender bouquet on these rectangular shaped soap bars. These soaps will leave your skin pleasantly fragranced and moisturized. Bring the soothing herbal scent of Provence to your bath or shower today. $20.00

Lorcos Eiffel Tower Almond Soap Set 2 X 8.8 Oz. From France. These soap bars are wonderfully fragranced with a almond scent with an embossed Eiffel Tower on these rectangular ivory shaped soap bars. These soaps will leave your skin pleasantly fragranced and moisturized. A large Eiffel Tower cover the gift box. $20.00


Erbario Toscano Lemon Citron Single Soap Bar 10.58 Oz. From Italy. Fragrant lemon citron Scent. Made of glycerin based vegetable single soap bar that will leave your skin soft, supple and wonderfully fragranced. Beautiful hand-wrapped yellow lemon paper tied with a yellow ribbon and yellow dried flowers. $12.00


Commonwealth Soap Extra Large Pineapple Bath Soap 11 oz. Fragrance tropical Pineapple Scent made with 100% vegetable based ingredients that will leave your skin soft & wonderfully fragranced. Extra large long lasting size. Decorative Gift Box. $11.00


Commonwealth Peony Butterfly Single Soap Bar 12 Oz. Subtle Peony flower scent made with 100% vegetable ingredients. Will leave your skin soft, supple & moisturized. Pink peony flowers & yellow butterflies cover the gift box. $11.00

Commonwealth Lavare Extra Large Single Vanilla Bath Soap 12 oz. Soothing Sweet Vanilla Scent. 100% vegetable based ingredients to leave skin soft & wonderfully fragranced. Extra large long lasting 12 Oz. size. Pretty exotic floral gift box. $11.00


Jeanne en Provence Verbena Citrus Body Care Set From France. This set contains these three separate items (this set does NOT come with gift box): Eau de Parfum 2 Fl. Oz., Round Embossed Soap Bar 3.5 Oz., Moisturizing Hand Cream Gel 2.5 Fl. Oz. Verbena Citrus gift set Offer the refreshing scents of verbena and sunny fruits With this set, discover the refreshing and tonifying properties of the Jeanne en Provence Verbena citrus collection. Growing in the Mediterranean gardens and rich in vitamin C, citrus fruits are an invaluable antioxidant. Verbena grows under the Mediterranean sun. It has a delightful refreshing fragrance and is a firm favorite with the para-pharmaceutical industry due to its dermatological properties. The Verveine Cédrat Eau de parfum is an ode to the Mediterranean summer harvests. perfume of invigorating citron zest subtly mixed with the tonifying notes of the Verbena leaves freshly crumpled for the pure delight of your senses. The Verbena Soap, made in Provence with essential oils of exotic verbena and bitter orange will give you a delicate sensation of sweetness and well-being. With its light texture, this Moisturizing Hand cream gel containing a Verbena officinalis extract, moisturizes thanks to the vegetable glycerine to penetrate without leaving a greasy film. It will leave your hands soft and subtly scented. Contains essential oils of lemon, bitter orange and lemongrass. Helps to nourish dry to very dry skin. $30.00


Ginestra Scottish Broom Florence Soap Set 3 X 4.37 Oz. From Italy. The high quality production is the result of an artisan workmanship realized with the choice of selected raw materials and produced with the experience of a centenary art for refined and exclusive customers. Sweet Scottish broom floral scent will delight the senses. Scenic Florence Italy with an old fashion horse & carriage are picture perfect on this gift box. Individually hand wrapped cube soap bars has the same image as the soap gift box. Makes a fabulous gift for any occasion. $20.00


Saponificio Varesino Treasure of Amazonia Acai Berry 3 X 3.5 Oz. Soap Set From Italy. Acai berry scented soaps made with vegetable based soap bars EDTA free. 100% natural ingredients with no chemical preservatives. Individually wrapped round soap bars packaged in an Italian port city with a map pictured on the gift box. $20.00




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