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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: My favorite product is no longer pictured on your site or never was available through Lotus Bathing Luxuries.

A: Products may be discontinued for many reasons and removed from our website and product line at any time. We do ask however that you contact the Lotus Concierge's office if you are looking for something in particular. The Lotus Concierge office is world famous for locating the products you want and even those we do not regularly carry from anywhere around the world.


Q: How does Lotus secure my personal information against identity theft?

Click here for more information of making sure all your online transactions are safe.


Q: I live outside the USA and your website will not accept international orders, how can I order?

A: For orders outside the United States of America contact the Lotus Concierge via e-mail about what you would like using the order numbers listed next to each item and include your shipping address. The Concierge will  give you a proper shipping total and instructions.


Q: I would like to pay by Cashiers check rather than online how do I pay?

A: Click the BUY button on the items you would like to order. Once you have selected all the items you would like go to the shopping cart and print or write down the items and order #'s for those items and send with Money Order / Cashiers Check to the address given by the Concierge Office. NOTE: allow the system to calculate shipping and the actual total before making payment. Payments should be made out to 'Lotus". PLEASE make sure to send us an e-mail and let us know what you are sending payment so we can reserve those items for you. We can only hold/reserve items for 7 days. We can not accept personal checks. All payments should be sent to the address given by the Lotus Customer Service.


Q: The packaging on the product I received is a little different than what was pictured on your web site.

A: Companies change their product packaging from time to time and although we try to keep the pictures in our catalogs and website current sometimes this can happen. Packaging differences do occur and if they are dramatic we will contact you.


Q: How is my payment information protected when I order from Lotus Bathing Luxuries?

A: We have chosen to handle all of our online payments. is the single leader in online payment security and has further information on their web site should you wish to review it. Also Lotus Co. or the Concierge office will ever ask for your credit card number via e-mail since handles such information; if you are ever asked for this information please contact us immediately directly through this web site and do not disclose/give it out. Lotus Co. does NOT use any form of spyware or tracking software.


Q: How can I buy the gift basket that was at the Academy Award Show in Los Angles.

A: Baskets found at events are not available for sale and are our limited production for that specific event. We can however create custom collections to suit your needs.


Q: I will need my order by a specific date for a birthday or holiday.

A: We advise you to contact the Lotus Concierge via e-mail to inform them of your special needs BEFORE placing your order so we can insure that we meet your needs.


Q: I saw on television that you sell to a celebrity I like, can I have their address?

A: Lotus does not give out personal information for any of our customers. We suggest that you contact your favorite artist/celebrity via their website/fan club.


Q: How long will it take my order to arrive?

A: Most items are shipped within 3 business days of being placed. Since most of our products are from around the world and from specialty companies, some items could take longer if temporarily out of stock.


Q: I have my own UPS / DHL / Fed-Ex / Etc account, can I send a call tag and not be charged shipping.

A: We will accept call tags or charge shipping to your account ONLY if prior arrangements are made through the Lotus Concierge office BEFORE ordering. There will still be a handling/packaging fee charged regardless of shipping method chosen. We do not offer customer pick ups in any form


Q: My company would like to sell products to Lotus.

A: Lotus buys from large and small manufacturers throughout the world but we must ask that you please contact us via e-mail first. If approved for review you must be able to send samples of your product which can not be returned and become the property of Lotus. We require three samples of each and every version you wish to sell to Lotus along with proper product documentation. The package must have a control# written on it which will be issued by Lotus when you submit an e-mail request, all packages without a number will be returned unopened. Submitting a product to us for review does NOT guarantee that we will purchase it. Also Lotus will not accept phone solicitation or inquiries for this purpose and will contact you should we be interested.


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