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         Welcome to Lotus Bathing Luxuries, we have always presented our discerning clientele with the finest bathing products to soothe and pamper your most precious item, YOU. We have a select range of only the best in bathing needs from around the world. Explore the four corners of the world without leaving your computer to find the indulgence that suits you. Get ready to embark on a bathing adventure!

The Lotus Company has been offering the best in bathing products to its clients for over 16 years. Serving the connoisseur of fine bathing. Lotus offers a collection of products from many manufacturers around the world large and small.

            We do everything we can to find out about companies we do business with to avoid any that engage in animal testing, poor environmental & business practices. We also urge our customers to recycle their product packages and or dispose of in a proper environmentally safe fashion. Recycle when possible.


The Lotus Co. is also involved in many projects to better our communities and the world and more can be found at our Community Involvement page.




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