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A collection of treats for your body.






Commonwealth Soap Extra Large Pineapple Bath Soap 11 oz. Fragrance tropical Pineapple Scent made with 100% vegetable based ingredients that will leave your skin soft & wonderfully fragranced. Extra large long lasting size. Decorative Gift Box. $11.00


Pecksniffs Aromatherapy Remedy Detox Peppermint, Lavander, Rosemary, Tea Tree Bath Salts 15 Oz. From England. An expert blend of Dead Sea Salt and essential oils means this mineral rich formulation has therapeutic benefits and can aid muscular tension. Added to warm water, these little scented crystals will give you that extra little helping hand. $18.00

Maja Body Talc Dusting Powder & Puff 5.3 oz. This fantastic powder can be used on the face or all over the body as an talc. Makes a beautiful and timeless gift. $22.00


Gori 1919 Lavender Olive Oil Single Soap Bar 10.5 Oz.. From Italy. Lovely lavender scent. Formulated with pure vegetable oils, this soap leaves the skin supple, smooth and delicately scented. $13.00


Commonwealth Argan Oil Extra Large Single Bath Soap Bar 11 Oz. Argan oil comes from the nuts of the Argan Tree, endemic to Morocco which are cracked by hand and the seed extracted and ground into paste oil. This Argan Oil moisturizing bath soap has a soothing, delicate fragrance that leaves your skin slightly scented. Specifically formulated with nourishing argan oil to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. $11.00


Iteritalia Luxury Violetta & Lillas Hand Wrapped Soap Set 3 X 3.5 Oz. From Italy. Intoxicating violet and lily floral scent. Triple milled vegetable round soap bars that are individually hand-wrapped with the Iteritalia seal. Packaged in a gift box with purple floral fields and Italian villa scene. $20.00








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